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Catch the 4G Wave

As you have undoubtedly heard, 4G wireless communication has now hit the market

As you have undoubtedly heard, 4G wireless communication has now hit the market. Other than sounding really cool, what is this 4G thing all about? Simply put, 4G wireless technology is the fourth generation of wireless communication standards. 4G networks offer a wider band of secure digital data transmission. In plain terms, this translates to extremely fast data transmission speeds. Utilizing wireless 4G technology companies can offer some of the fastest wireless internet communications possible.

In order to really understand 4G wireless technology you must have some grasp of the history wireless development. First generation cell phones provided us with nothing more than an analog wireless connection to make phone calls. As technology progressed second generation wireless options came available. 2G wireless connection was the upgrade to digital transmission as opposed to the then antiquated 1g analog transmission. The switch to 2G made possible all the wonderful cell phone features that we enjoy today. Second generation wireless technology afforded us for the first time limited internet connectivity, but more importantly, the ability to transmit text messages. This quickly gave way to expanded bandwidth transmission capabilities which later became the 3G standard that we most commonly utilize today. Now, with the introduction of fourth generation wireless connectivity we offered even faster data transmission.

Technically speaking, 4G wireless data transmission requires a data connection rate of 100 megabits per second. While there is yet to be a provider that can truly offer these speeds, 4G does offer significantly greater connection speeds than its predecessor 3G.

So right about now you are probably thinking to your self, "okay I get it 4G is really, really fast. So, what does that mean to me?" As wireless data transmission capabilities increase, the limitations on wireless applications decrease. 4G technology will allow massive amounts of data to be transmitted very quickly. For the first time, 4G technology offers up the very real potential for seamless video calls. Many of the projected 4G phones will come equipped with not only a standard front facing camera, but also will offer a back facing camera. Capitalizing on the fastest wireless data transfer rates, you can be assured to transmit a live video while simultaneously receiving a live video from the person you are calling. For me just the prospect of real time video calls is enough to get me excited about 4G. However, the 4G prospects do not stop there.

4G offers wireless internet speeds that will rival most of our home internet connections. Using a 4G wireless hot spot function, you can transform your phone into a very portable 802.11n wireless router. No matter where you are you will have the ability to connect your laptop, Ipad, or kindle reader to the internet, all of which utilize 802.11 connection standards. While connected on your laptop to your 4G phone, you will experience the internet almost as if you were plugged directly in to your cable modem.
For the avid gamer, 4G wireless connection service will allow the development and implementation of multi player games. You can rest assured that in the near future you will see a whole slew of new and inventive multi-player games made exclusively for your 4G mobile phone.

4G wireless technology is simply the next evolution in wireless communication standards. Every wireless generational upgrade has brought with it a transformation of the entire wireless industry. Rest assured that the fourth generation wireless standard upgrade will be no different. With companies like clear wireless internet service pioneering the way in the 4G market, you can bet that everything you know about wireless is going to change.

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